WatchGuard Security Week in Review: Episode 36 – White House Hack

WatchGuard Security Week in Review: Episode 36 – White House Hack

Pwned DSL Routers, White House Hack, and Phone Scams

Cyber security is on the industry’s mind. As a result, every week seems packed with information and network security news. If you don’t have time to keep up because you are too busy putting out normal IT fires, this weekly podcast is for you. WatchGuard Security Week in Review is dedicated to quickly summarizing the biggest security stories each week, and to sharing tips and best practices that can help protect you from the latest threats. If you want a 10 minute or less summary of each week’s security news, give this video podcast a try.

This week, I talk about a FUD-filled White House hack, an attack campaign that infected 4.5 million Brazilian routers, a couple examples of phone scams and social engineering, and much more. If any of this interests you, or you just want to relax for 10 minutes while sipping your first coffee of the day, press play on the video below.

As always, I’ve included a Reference section below, which links to each of the stories. If you want more details than I can cover in this short episode, check the links out. Hope to see you next time, and stay safe out there.

(Episode Runtime: 10:25)

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— Corey Nachreiner, CISSP (@SecAdept)

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