Microsoft Black Tuesday: Security Flaws in a Menagerie of Products

Though today’s Patch Day might seem pretty average as far as the number of security bulletins released, it does cover a rather eclectic range of Microsoft products. In fact, a few of the updates affect Mac users as well, and one is even exclusive to Mac.

WatchGuard Security Week in Review: Episode 54 – Nuke Hackers

Want a quick way to catch up on weekly information and network security (InfoSec) highlights? Well you’ve found the right place. In this episode of our InfoSec summary video, I talk about Evernote’s 50 million user data leak, web browsers falling to the Pwn2Own contest, and a U.S. government

Microsoft Leprechaun Leaves a Pot Full of Patches

We’re coming upon that time of the month again for Microsoft administrators; patch time. According to the latest Advanced Notification page, our Microsoft friends plan on releasing seven security bulletins next Tuesday. The bulletins will including updates to fix security vulnerabilities in Windows, Office, Internet Explorer (IE), Silverlight, and some of their Server Software.

WatchGuard Security Week in Review: Episode 53 – RSA 2013

This week’s InfoSec news video comes from the 2013 RSA Security Conference in San Francisco. As such, much of the episode covers the major themes from the show flow. However, cyber attackers don’t take a break just because the security industry is having a pow-wow.

Apple and Facebook Breaches Result in Multi-Platform Java Updates

If you’re still using Java, you need to patch it yet again—even if you’re using a Mac. Over the last few days both Facebook and Apple have reported network breaches. In both cases, employees at those companies visited a particular web site that was infected with a zero day Java exploit, which then infected the victims with malware.

FAST Search Server 2010 Flaws Likely Affect Few

Along with their more critical updates, Microsoft released a security bulletin describing flaws in their FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint (that is a mouthful of a product name). If you haven’t heard of FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint, it’s essentially an enterprise search platform for SharePoint and your intranet. My guess is only a small subset of Microsoft customer use it.

Windows Updates Fix a Wide Range of Security Vulnerabilities

Today, Microsoft released eight security bulletins that describe around 39 vulnerabilities affecting Windows or components related to it, such as the .NET Framework and DirectShow. Each of these vulnerabilities affects different versions of Windows to varying degrees.