Network and Data Security for your business in Southlake, Fort Worth, and Dallas

Does anxiety over the threat of computer viruses, Internet attacks, phishing scams, and other malware keep you from accomplishing your business goals? Did you know that a lost laptop or USB drive is just as serious a security threat to your business as malware or network intrusions?

We shield your vital company and customer information with our total Computer Data Security solutions, so you can put your worries aside. Our Network and Data Security solutions give you all the protection you need with malware detection, virus removal, and email spam filtering services so you can focus on other priorities in Southlake, Fort Worth, Dallas and the surrounding area.

With a well planned security architecture from MARJEN Tech, you get:

  • Threat Detection - safeguard yourself from online scammers, hackers, and other threats
  • Susceptibility Testing - we look for weak spots in your infrastructure and create solutions to strengthen them
  • Comprehensive Anti-Virus - protect your company from viruses, spyware, and malware
  • Email and Spam Protection - prevent phishing scams and malware hidden in email attachments from sneaking into your system, while improving and refining email access

When your security solution covers all the bases of data protection, you can stop worrying about the safety of your company and spend more time growing your business.

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MARJEN Technology Group provides the expert consultation and support you need to defend your business from the many real threats in today's marketplace. Serving Southlake, Fort Worth, Dallas, Irving, Grand Prairie, Sherman and Dallas, we deliver Wireless Network Security and Email Protection services that can put your mind at ease. You’ll know for certain that your business, data, and email correspondence are protected.

If your business is using the Internet, you’re already at risk from many of today’s online threats. Make sure you’re completely protected and prepared to thwart disaster with our Computer Data Security, Virus Removal, and Email Protection services.

If your business needs email security, security management services, network security solutions, virus removal, computer data security, intrusion prevention systems, or IT security consulting, you can rely on us.

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