Office Moves & Wiring

Comprehensive Office Moving and Office Cable Installation for businesses in Arlington, Fort Worth, and Dallas

The details of a business relocation can be complicated, but there's no reason you have to worry about planning your IT infrastructure on top of it all. Our office cable management solutions are designed to meet your specific needs, so while we take care of your new cabling and IT plan from A to Z, you can concentrate on running your business.

MARJEN Technology Group offers depth of experience in office moving and office cabling services, so getting back to business after relocating in Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas and the surrounding area is simpler than you ever thought possible.

The professionals at MARJEN Tech can deliver the following office cabling and office moving solutions to your business:

  • Cabling and Wiring - voice, data, and fiber optic cabling, for your new or existing office
  • Moving your Business - which includes all your servers, printer, workstations, and email
  • Relocation Management - including vendor coordination for Internet, Website, email, and telephone services
  • As-Built Docs and Scaling Schematics - creating of a solid network foundation

Whether you are looking to create a cabling plan or are moving an entire office, we have the structured cabling solution to keep you moving forward.

MARJEN Tech brings you scalable cabling solutions by committed technicians with years of experience in both business and technology. Serving Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas, Irving, Grand Prairie, Sherman and Dallas, office cable management services give your company the opportunity for greater growth and productivity.

The scope of our expertise includes professional office relocation planning, network cabling analysis, data communications cabling, office cabling services, cabling analysis & design services, cable moves/adds/changes, or rack management services, so regardless of your needs, we've got a solution.

Our professionals will create, design and install a strategic cabling solution that will propel you to greater long-term success. Our office cabling services and office moving planning take the stress out of moving your company, so you can focus on business as usual.