Reasons to become an Office Insider

With Office Insider, subscribers have the privilege of viewing and testing new Office 365 features before other users. This insider feature targets tech-savvy business owners who want to get ahead of the competition and take their software game to the next level. Early Access Subscribing to Office Insider gives you access to new innovations, security […]

Protect your data from WannaCry

This month, ransomware has taken center stage yet again. WannaCry has already infected thousands of users around the world. In true ransomware fashion, WannaCry holds user data hostage until the victim decides to pay the ransom. What’s more alarming, however, is that the global success of this malware will likely spawn even more potent variants. […]

WatchGuard Announces Fireware XTM v11.6.5

WatchGuard is pleased to announce the general release of Fireware XTM v11.6.5. This release demonstrates our continuing commitment to delivering high quality products to our customers, with a significant number of bug fixes. You can install Fireware XTM OS v11.6.5 on any WatchGuard XTM device, including all 2 Series models. There is no WatchGuard System Manager v11.6.5. We recommend that you use WatchGuard System Manager v11.7.2 to manage Fireware XTM 11.6.5.

WatchGuard Announces Fireware XTM and WSM 11.7.2 with Support for New Wireless Access Point Products

WatchGuard is pleased to announce the release of Fireware XTM v11.7.2 and WatchGuard System Manager v11.7.2, which includes support for the new WatchGuard AP family of wireless access points. Using the latest generation of wireless hardware, the WatchGuard AP extends best in class UTM security to your wireless network and provides seamless roaming for up to 16 SSIDs.