[Friday Fun] WatchGuard’s Security Shop Music Video

First, a fair warning. This post serves no practical purpose, and is just for your entertainment. If you only visit this blog for practical security news and alerts, and you don’t have time for a bit of fun right now, feel free to skip this post. That said, you might find it entertaining, and it does still carry a security theme.

WatchGuard Releases Fireware XTM 11.3.6 for e-Series Appliances

WatchGuard is pleased to announce the general release of Fireware XTM v11.3.6. This release demonstrates our continuing commitment to delivering high quality products to our customers, with a significant number of bug fixes. You can install Fireware XTM OS v11.3.6 on any Firebox X e-Series device. There is no WatchGuard System Manager v11.3.6. We recommend that you use a later version of WatchGuard System Manager to manage Fireware XTM 11.3.6.