K. Mengel

K. Mengel

In my 15 years of knowing and working with Raj I have always found him to be extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and always honest and friendly. I would recommend him highly to anyone who has the opportunity to work with him.

B. Pegues

B. Pegues

Raj is one of the most intelligent people I’ve crossed paths with. He can tell you anything and everything you want and need to know about technology; and if by chance he doesn’t know off the top of his head, he’ll research it and get back to you. He is dedicated to his work and determined to reach his goals. Raj is the prime example of what hard work and determination can do for you. If I had to sum Raj up in one word, it would be DRIVEN! His track record says it all.

M. Mulligan McDaniel

M. Mulligan McDaniel

Raj possesses a unique balance of analytical skills and people skills. He can quickly evaluate a situation with many "moving pieces" and formulate a course of action. He always communicates in a direct and clear manner, often taking a complex issue and breaking it down for his audience into easier to address smaller issues. His leadership has inspired his own team as well as others in the organization. It is rare to find an individual with such a clear vision for himself, who intentionally moves towards his goals daily while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Jan B.

Always there when we need them

I don’t know what I would do without them. They are very responsive, professional, and attentive to our business. Being a design and manufacturing business we work crazy hours and are always up against deadlines. They have been very accommodating and really do a great job of keeping us up and working despite our lack of technical savvy.

Chris J.

Saved us over $48,000 in the first year

The team at MARJEN Tech is great! Between VoIP phones, remote connectivity, reducing our hardware, and eliminating costly licensing we have saved more money that we have paid for their services. They truly do take the worry and complexity out of IT, allowing our staff to do what we do best.

Brandon R.

Brandon Readlinger

Raj has proven himself throughout the years to be a very knowledgeable, astute, and detail-oriented person. He has routinely displayed an ability to work through problems, helping to identify the cause and ultimate resolution required to achieve the goals set forth. Raj is a results-oriented person and his passion to achieve is shown in his work.

Jon T.

Great Communication

Raj does a tremendous job with his team of integrating new technology… He listens closely to what our requests are and evaluates the ability to implement the new technology based on feedback and the costs involved. Raj is an excellent communicator and easy to relate to in an otherwise difficult field to understand. I would recommend him for any project or position.

John M.

They got our IT in shape

We really didn’t have a network, but we did have an individual who sold his services as an IT expert. The problem was, every time this guy touched something we had to go behind him and fix it ourselves. As an executive with a growing company I can’t afford to be chasing around after a so called “expert”. Now that we have MARJEN Tech on board that is one area of our operations we don’t have to worry about. We recently added another office in Tulsa; it took longer to get the equipment to the office than it did for them to hook them up to our network and connect them to our phone system. Now we have 3 remote offices, all on our network, all on the same phone system. I’m not sure how much money that saved me, but I know it has made me a lot more than it cost.

Matt D.

Exceptional service

I can’t say enough about the staff at MARJEN Tech. They are highly responsive, very professional, and sometimes they even bring us beer. I’m not sure how they do it, but many times they know we have issues before we do. At first I thought we could just use some hourly help, but having the peace of mind that we know what our expense will be each month, and that no matter what happens they will be there to help us, is priceless. IT is one less part of the business we have to worry about.

Allison M.

Organization Altering Support

In the past it was ineffective fixes…inevitably the ‘fix' would cause something else to go wrong. There was not any confidence in the service. The attitude of our previous IT contractor was horrible and no one wanted to contact him for help. MARJEN Tech has been a breath of fresh air and employees now feel much more confident. The professional attitude and concern for making things work right has been organization altering.

Dr. Susan T.

Helping Us Help Others

We just had no faith in our previous IT provider. With 80+ staff members and 140 workstations we could not afford to be stuck in the dark ages. Not to mention having the whole thing come crashing down on us. MARJEN Tech has brought standardization and stability to our computing environment, reduced our hardware and software costs, and brought us into the 21st century, all of which has had a dramatic increase in productivity. As a government organization that serves the public, it is more about the number of people that we serve than the money we generate, and with MARJEN I know we are serving more people than ever before.

Don P.

They just “Get IT”

I have used many technology consultants throughout the years and MARJEN Tech has been the only one to not only understand the issues we were experiencing, but offered quick, practical solutions to solve our challenges. As a business owner, I can't be bogged down with the complexities of our systems, I need someone that I can count on to make it happen. I can’t say enough about their experience, integrity and responsiveness. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with their IT needs.